IGF 2019

Theme: One World. One Net. One Vision.

IGF 2019 will be held in Berlin on 25–29 November 2019, in the Estrel Congress Center.

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Day 0: Monday 25 November 2019

13:35 - 18:35

Convention Hall I

Section C

CLX Meeting

IGF Youth Ambassadors

Day 1: Tuesday 26 November 2019


Estrel Hall C 

IGF Technical Reception

The social event co-hosted by ISOC, ICANN, NROs, IEEE and LACTLD. By invitation only.

Day 2: Wednesday 27 November 2019


Convention Hall I - D

OF 17: Formulating Policy Options for Big Data and AI Development

Constance Bommelaer de Leusse speaking

11:30 – 13:00

Raum III

WS 248: Towards Equitable and Sustainable Community-led Networks (organised by APC)

Joyce Dogniez speaking


Convention Hall I - C

OF16: Collaborative Multistakeholder Approaches in Cybersecurity

Olaf Kolkman speaking


Convention Hall I - D 


Raquel Gatto speaking

13:15 -14:15

Raum V

Advancing Cyberstability: Final Report of the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace

Olaf Kolkman participating


Raum III

WS 391: Community Networks: Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions

Jane Coffin speaking


Estrel Saal C

BPF Cybersecurity: Putting agreements into action - operationalising cybersecurity norms

Olaf Kolkman speaking

Mark Buell participting

17:20 - 18:20

Convention Hall I - D

OF23: EQUALS in Tech Awards

Joyce Dogniez/ Rinalia Abdul Rahim (TBC)

Day 3: Thursday 28 November 2019


Convention Hall I - D

OF 38 - ISOC Open Forum : Exceptional Access and the Future of the Internet Security


14:15 – 16:15

 Main Hall

Multidisciplinary frameworks for policy making in the digital age

Olaf Kolkman participating on the panel


Convention Hall I-D

OF5 - Paraguay's Open Forum: Looking beyond the isolation - The LLDC´s and the World

Jane Coffin speaking

16:40 - 18:10

Raum II

WS 160: Rule of Law as a key concept in the digital ecosystem

Raquel Gatto speaking

If you cannot attend the conference in person in Berlin you can participate online in workshops and discussions.

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Starts:  Nov 25, 2019 09:00 (DE)
Ends:  Nov 29, 2019 17:00 (DE)


Estrel Congress Centre Berlin
Sonnenallee 225
Berlin, 12057