IGF 2019

Starts:  Nov 25, 2019 9:00 AM (DE)
Ends:  Nov 29, 2019 5:00 PM (DE)

Theme: One World. One Net. One Vision.

IGF 2019 will be held in Berlin on 25–29 November 2019, in the Estrel Congress Center.

Join us!

[email protected] Activities





Day 0: Monday 25 November 2019

13:35 - 18:35

Convention Hall I

Section C

CLX Meeting

IGF Youth Ambassadors

Day 1: Tuesday 26 November 2019


Estrel Hall C 

IGF Technical Reception

The social event co-hosted by ISOC, ICANN, NROs, IEEE and LACTLD. By invitation only.

Day 2: Wednesday 27 November 2019


Convention Hall I - D

OF 17: Formulating Policy Options for Big Data and AI Development

Constance Bommelaer de Leusse speaking

11:30 – 13:00

Raum III

WS 248: Towards Equitable and Sustainable Community-led Networks (organised by APC)

Joyce Dogniez speaking


Convention Hall I - C

OF16: Collaborative Multistakeholder Approaches in Cybersecurity

Olaf Kolkman speaking


Convention Hall I - D 


Raquel Gatto speaking

13:15 -14:15

Raum V

Advancing Cyberstability: Final Report of the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace

Olaf Kolkman participating


Raum III

WS 391: Community Networks: Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions

Jane Coffin speaking


Estrel Saal C

BPF Cybersecurity: Putting agreements into action - operationalising cybersecurity norms

Olaf Kolkman speaking

Mark Buell participting

17:20 - 18:20

Convention Hall I - D

OF23: EQUALS in Tech Awards

Joyce Dogniez/ Rinalia Abdul Rahim (TBC)

Day 3: Thursday 28 November 2019


Convention Hall I - D

OF 38 - ISOC Open Forum : Exceptional Access and the Future of the Internet Security


14:15 – 16:15

 Main Hall

Multidisciplinary frameworks for policy making in the digital age

Olaf Kolkman participating on the panel


Convention Hall I-D

OF5 - Paraguay's Open Forum: Looking beyond the isolation - The LLDC´s and the World

Jane Coffin speaking

16:40 - 18:10

Raum II

WS 160: Rule of Law as a key concept in the digital ecosystem

Raquel Gatto speaking

If you cannot attend the conference in person in Berlin you can participate online in workshops and discussions.


Estrel Congress Centre Berlin
Sonnenallee 225
Berlin, 12057

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